Thursday, July 7, 2022

Which car brands are most misspelled?

Names of car brands can be tricky to spell or pronounce, and even the internet is filled by the wrong spelling. As per the study, the most common misspelled brand names are Hyundai, Volkswagen, and Porsche, searched over a month.

The study found, with 2,249,400 misspells, Hyundai was on the top. Following, Volkswagen and Porsche was on second position with 1,156,700 and 1,011,000.

It is also noted that the misspellings are also based on the phonetic pronunciation of a brand like “Leksus” (Lexus), “Volvi” (Volvo), “Porshe”(Porsche), “Mersedes” (Mercedes), and “Totota” (Toyota).

Another subset of spelling mistake has certain letters getting swapped such as “Telsa” (Tesla), and “BWM” (BMW), and “Chevorlet” (Chevrolet).

Yet another subset of spelling mistake include about adding or leaving out certain letters, for example “Hond” (Honda), “Jeeep” (Jeep), and Auddi (Audi).

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