Monday, August 8, 2022

Tim Allen’s one-off 2000 Cadillac DeVille DTSi is for sale on Cars & Bids

Launched for the 2000 model year, the eighth-generation Cadillac DeVille was offered in two basic configurations: High Luxury Sedan (DHS) and Touring Sedan (DTS). The latter was marketed as the sportier of the two options, but actor Tim Allen seemingly found its performance credentials unconvincing. He commissioned a quicker one-off model named DTSi, and his dream Cadillac is up for sale on Cars & Bids.

Owned and listed by the Petersen Automotive Museum, the one-of-a-kind DTSi started life as a standard DTS built during the first year of eighth-generation DeVille production. Allen worked closely with Cadillac and a Michigan-based company called Wheel to Wheel to design the car — keep in mind that this was over 20 years ago, well before the recent wave of customer-commissioned one- and few-off models. The sedan’s 4.6-liter Northstar V8 gained higher-compression pistons, ported and polished cylinder heads, a larger intake system, and stainless-steel headers, and it exhales through a Corsa Performance exhaust system. These changes had a big impact on performance.

The modifications increase the eight-cylinder’s output to 398 horsepower, according to the listing, which is a generous bump over the stock 300-horse rating. Allen kept the stock four-speed automatic transmission, but he requested a long list of suspension modifications to improve handling. Sitting about an inch lower than stock, the DTSi is fitted with polyurethane bushings, aftermarket front and rear springs, and a front strut tower brace, among other parts. Brembo-sourced four-piston front brake calipers gripping 14-inch rotors were part of the build as well.

Allen didn’t simply mail Cadillac his wish list and a blank check and call it a day. His company, Tim Allen Design, designed a body kit for the DTSi that includes an aluminum grille that’s wider than the stock unit and carbon fiber side skirts. The 18-inch Konig wheels add a finishing touch to the look, while the interior is nearly unmodified with the exception of a “Tim Allen Design” emblem added to the center console.

Looking beyond the rarity, this DTSi has a lot going for it. While many DTS sedans were built, not a lot were preserved. This one has about 13,400 miles, which represents an annual average of approximately 609 miles, and there’s nothing odd or alarming on the CarFax report.

Bidding stands at $20,250 with six days left in the auction. There isn’t a reserve, so the highest bidder will take home this unique Cadillac.

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