Thursday, July 7, 2022

The new ID. Buzz(((ID. Buzz Pro – Power consumption in kWh/100 km: combined 18.9 (NEDC); combined 21.7–20.6 (WLTP); CO₂ emissions combined in g/km: 0; efficiency class: A+++.))): ||a perfect companion in the digital world

Digital displays. All displays in the ID. Buzz are digital. Using the touch controls on the multifunction steering wheel, the driver can operate the Digital Cockpit with its 5.3-inch display. This has a free-standing design, just like the large touch display in the middle of the dash panel. With the standard Ready 2 Discover radio system, the screen measures 10 inches diagonally; the standard radio comes with a navigation function that can be subsequently activated. This function is already activated on the optional Discover Pro system; the touchscreen has a size of 12 inches when this system is on board. There are two touch panels under the touch display: sliders allow the audio volume and temperature to be adjusted, while the digital buttons underneath these controls open the menus for parking, air conditioning, driver assist systems and running gear modes.

The Hello ID. voice control. The Hello ID. natural voice control is the third control level alongside the multifunction steering wheel and the touch display. This recognises questions and commands quickly and precisely. The system understands free formulations, asks questions if necessary and allows itself to be interrupted. Answers are provided very quickly and in two ways: offline from the information stored in the vehicle and online from the Cloud.

Intuitive ID. Light. The ID. Light can also be found in the ID. Buzz – the narrow light strip that runs under the windscreen in the vehicle interior. This provides intuitively understandable information using different light pulses. For example, it indicates whether the vehicle is being charged or the direction in which it is necessary to turn according to the navigation system. If the ID. Light lights up completely in red, this means “Caution! Brake!”

Online with We Connect. The online services We Connect and We Connect Plus are optionally available for all variants of the ID. Buzz and come as standard for a limited period. As soon as they are activated, they connect the vehicle with the smartphones of the persons using the services and with the outside world. In addition to Online Voice Control, the highlights in the service portfolio include navigation with Online Traffic Information, Internet Radio, media streaming with the Wi-Fi hotspot and Spotify – an activated We Connect contract is also a prerequisite for the free over-the-air updates.

Remote control. The vehicle-related services are another area of the We Connect world. Using the We Connect ID. app on their smartphone, ID. Buzz owners can remotely control charging and the electric stationary air conditioning (standard) and also check the battery charge level.

Smart device on wheels. With its many infotainment and connectivity functions, the ID. Buzz is a smart device on wheels. App-Connect wireless is on board as standard for smartphone integration. This allows selected smartphone apps to be wirelessly integrated into the native environment of the ID.Buzz and then used conveniently via the infotainment system or voice control. Volkswagen offers users the choice between Android Auto and Apple CarPlay technologies for this. A smartphone stowage area with inductive charging function is also standard. The Comfort mobile phone interface is optionally available – in this case, a charging base is integrated in the dash panel.

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