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The new BMW 7 Series.

The new BMW 7 Series - Highlights (04/2022).

The new BMW 7 Series - Highlights (04/2022).

The new BMW 7 Series - Highlights (04/2022).

The new BMW 7 Series - Highlights (04/2022).

The new BMW 7 Series - Highlights (04/2022).

BMW is leading the luxury segment into a new era that will be shaped
by innovations in the fields of sustainability and digitalisation.
With the new BMW 7 Series, the world’s most successful manufacturer of
premium vehicles is creating forward-looking ways to enjoy driving
pleasure, unsurpassed long-distance comfort and a top-end digital
experience. Central to this reinterpretation is the BMW i7. The
all-electric luxury sedan is a fully integrated member of the model
family and clearly demonstrates how an exclusive driving experience
and the ultimate feeling of on-board wellbeing can be combined with an
unwavering commitment to sustainability.

The generation change at the pinnacle of BMW’s model range is wrapped
up in a new definition of luxury that focuses on the individual and
their personal attitudes, needs and emotions. In addition to presence,
elegance and exclusive premium quality, there is a progressive
approach characterised by innovations that directly enhance the user
experience, wide-ranging connectivity and standard-setting
sustainability of the car. In this way, the new BMW 7 Series has been
designed to meet the needs of a modern target group that sees itself
as committed to meeting challenges in a responsible manner – and one
that views personal mobility as a way to experience unique moments in
everyday life and on trips away.

A symbol of innovative strength and a milestone in the current
model offensive.

The new BMW 7 Series incorporates a modern style
that focuses on the essentials in its exterior and interior design.
The front-end design for BMW vehicles in the luxury segment is
dominated by features that are typical of the brand, but a clear
distinction is maintained between these models and the others in the
BMW range. Innovative features such as the BMW Theatre Screen, the
multi-sensory vehicle experience BMW iDrive with the latest generation
of BMW Operating System 8, plus the BMW Curved Display and the
Manoeuvre Assistant for automated parking and manoeuvring, highlight
the progressive character of the luxury sedan. In addition to the
enhanced level of comfort and the unique in-car entertainment system,
the Executive Lounge option for the rear with optimised reclining seat
position and new BMW Individual Merino leather/cashmere wool interior
trim takes a pioneering route to maximising wellbeing inside the car.

45 years on from the debut of the BMW 7 Series, the seventh model
generation takes to the stage as the most advanced and innovative
vehicle in the luxury segment. At the same time, the new edition
captures the imagination with an overall design coherence unmatched by
any rival. The BMW 7 Series is therefore once again a symbol of the
BMW Group’s innovative strength.

The world premiere of the new BMW 7 Series in April 2022 and its
global market launch starting in November 2022 are the key milestones
in the brand’s current model offensive in the luxury segment.

Market-specific drive system portfolio, tradition-rich
production location.

The new BMW 7 Series was designed from the ground up
for particularly demanding target groups in a globalised marketplace.
This is also reflected in a market-specific drive system portfolio
that includes exclusive offerings for China – as the company’s most
important sales region – and a diesel model for Europe.

The new generation of luxury sedans from BMW opens up a whole new
dimension in spaciousness. Unlike its predecessors, the new BMW 7
Series will be available worldwide exclusively as a long-wheelbase
model that maximises space in the rear. Different facets of its
character are defined by the use of specific design features and drive
system variants. The new BMW 7 Series range also includes models from
the BMW i and BMW M brands, which allow its myriad characteristics –
from elegant, modern and sustainable to expressive, sporty and dynamic
– to be brought prominently to the fore.

The new BMW 7 Series now offers a choice of combustion engines,
plug-in hybrid systems and all-electric drive for the first time ever.
The degree of diversity in the drive system portfolio is based on a
newly developed flexible vehicle architecture and is an expression of
a global model strategy for the new edition of the BMW 7 Series. This
enables the BMW Group to take into consideration a customer’s
individual needs, infrastructure factors and legal regulations in all
relevant automotive markets around the world. The market launch in
Europe will initially feature only the BMW i7. In the USA, China and
other selected sales regions, two models will be offered at market
launch in addition to the all-electric variant, each equipped with a
petrol engine and 48V mild hybrid technology.

Plug-in hybrid variants of the new BMW 7 Series are expected to
follow in numerous markets from the beginning of 2023. These will
include the first BMW M model with a six-cylinder in-line petrol
engine and plug-in hybrid drive system. A model variant with a diesel
engine and 48V mild hybrid technology will be added to the range in
Europe just after the market launch. Further variants of the
all-electric BMW i7, including the future top-of-the-line BMW i7 M70
xDrive, will be made available at a later stage.

As was the case with all its predecessors, the new BMW 7 Series will
be built at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing. The company’s largest
production facility in Europe will be fusing tradition with the future
and is also the BMW Group’s centre of excellence for the production of
e-drive components. The highly integrated electric drive system and
the high-voltage battery of the BMW i7 will also be manufactured
there. Vehicles with combustion engines, plug-in hybrid systems and
all-electric drive systems will come off the same production line in
Dingolfing. In addition to the all-electric BMW iX and the new BMW 7
Series, the BMW 8 Series luxury sports car and BMW 5 Series models,
among others, are also produced here.

Two BMW M models based on the new BMW 7 Series.

The new BMW 7 Series model range worldwide will
expand to include two BMW M models equipped with electrified drive
systems. The new BMW M760e xDrive (fuel consumption combined:
1.2 – 1.1 l/100 km [235.4 – 256.8 mpg imp]; electric power consumption
combined: 26.9 – 25.8 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions: 28 – 25
g/km in the WLTP cycle; figures in NEDC cycle: –) has output of 420
kW/571 hp and torque of 800 Nm (590 lb-ft) and will debut as early as
spring 2023. Its electric motor generates a temporary boost worth an
extra 30 kW/40 hp when particularly invigorating acceleration is the
order of the day. An M-specific design for the exterior and interior,
including an exhaust system featuring the distinctive twin tailpipes
with unique geometry, underscores the performance characteristics of
the BMW M model with plug-in hybrid technology.

The future flagship model, the new BMW i7 M70 xDrive (power
consumption combined in the WLTP cycle: 26.4 – 21.2 kWh/100 km;
CO2 emissions: 0 g/km; figures in NEDC cycle: – ), will
have an all-electric drive system with two motors – on the front and
rear axle – and will be available later in 2023. Its drive system
generates maximum output of well over 600 hp and maximum torque of
more than 1,000 Nm (737 lb-ft). The most powerful BMW model ever
registered for road use accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in
under 4.0 seconds. (All output, performance and energy consumption
figures for the BMW i7 M70 xDrive are estimates based on the car’s
current development stage incl. temporary boost.)

Unique digital experience with the new vehicle experience BMW
iDrive and BMW Operating System 8.

Driving pleasure, long-distance comfort and the user
experience in the new BMW 7 Series are shaped largely by the latest
innovations in the field of digitalisation. The new BMW 7 Series
offers customers the new multi-sensory vehicle experience BMW iDrive
with the latest generation of BMW Operating System 8. With the fully
digital BMW Curved Display, the innovative BMW Interaction Bar, the
enhanced capabilities of the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant – plus
additional My Modes, the latest version of the BMW Head-Up Display,
and the Augmented View function available for the first time on the
information display behind the steering wheel – intuitive dialogue
between the driver and vehicle has reached a new level.

Passengers in the rear are greeted by a unique entertainment offering
in the form of the new BMW Theatre Screen – a 31.3-inch panoramic
display in 32:9 format with 8K resolution which extends downwards from
the roof and transforms the second row of seats into an exclusive
private cinema on wheels. The driver and front passenger can also use
YouTube video-on-demand streaming on the control display for the first
time. A 5G-compatible aerial system takes care of high-speed
connectivity in the new BMW 7 Series.

Security redefined: the new BMW 7 Series in BMW Protection
Vehicle specification.

A high-security vehicle based on the new BMW 7
Series is now being developed and will be added to the range in the
course of 2023. With its integrated protection concept, which is
unique in the segment and has been developed entirely from scratch,
the armoured model variant meets the special requirements of
authorities, state representatives and high-profile individuals in
need of special protection.

The development of the new high-security BMW 7 Series centres on an
innovative protection concept developed by the BMW Group. This
provides extremely high standards of security combined with the levels
of interior comfort, driving dynamics and ride comfort applied across
the new BMW 7 Series range. Integrated development and production in a
special manufacturing process at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing will
ensure the high-security vehicle based on the new BMW 7 Series sets
new standards.

The new BMW 760i xDrive*. 
Fuel consumption in
l/100km (combined, WLTP): 11,2 l/100 km, 
CO2 emissions in g/km
(combined, WLTP): 255
* All figures are preliminary values.

The new BMW i7 xDrive60*. 

Power consumption in kWh/100 km (combined, WLTP): 19,6 –
Electric range in km (WLTP): 590 – 625; 310 mls
* All figures are preliminary values.

The new BMW M760e xDrive.

Fuel consumption in l/100km (combined, WLTP): 1,2 – 1,1/100
Power consumption in kWh/100 km (combined, WLTP): 26,9 –
CO2 emissions in g/km (combined, WLTP): 28-25
* All
figures are preliminary values.

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