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Tata Harrier New Colours – Royale Blue, Tropical Mist (Price Hike Up To Rs 19k)

Tata Harrier price revision wef April 23, 2022 sees a price hike in the range of Rs 9,590 – Rs 18,400 depending on variant

Tata Harrier New Colour - Royale Blue
Tata Harrier New Colour – Royale Blue

Tata Motors recently announced a price hike for its passenger car range. As it stands, depending on variant, Harrier ex-sh price is now steeper in the range of Rs 9,590 – Rs 18,400. Harrier XE MT, XM MT and XMA AT are costlier by 12k.

Harrier XZA AMT now costs about 20 lakhs following a price hike of Rs 9,590. New price tag is listed at Rs 14,64,900, Rs 16,04,900, and Rs 17,34,900 respectively.  Harrier XT MT, XT+ MT, XT + Dark MT, XTA+ AMT, and XTA+ Dark AMT are costlier by 13.5k.

New April 2022 ex sh price is listed at Rs 17,34,900, Rs 18,14,900, Rs 18,44,900, Rs 19,44,900, and Rs 19,74,900, respectively. XZA+ Dark AMT variant is costlier by 13.9k and is now listed at a price of Rs 21,94,900. This being the manufacturer’s costliest Harrier offered.

Tata Harrier Kaziranga Prices April 2022

Tata Harrier Kaziranga edition was launched recently. The Kaziranga editions are priced at Rs 20,54,900, and Rs 21,85,900, respectively. Prices of Kaziranga editions have increased by Rs 14k.

Tata Harrier Prices April 2022
Tata Harrier Prices April 2022

The company handed over one unit of the special edition to Kaziranga National Park, Assam. They are identifiable through cosmetic updates, and wear a dual-tone Grassland Beige exterior colour with a black roof. On the inside is Earthy Beige upholstery. Harrier XZ+ KZR MT and XZA+ KZR AMT now cost 14k more.

Harrier XZ MT, XZ DT MT, XZ+ MT, XZA DT AMT, and XZA+ AMT cost 14.5k more. They are priced at Rs 18,74,900, Rs 18,94,900, Rs 20,34,900, Rs 20,24,900, and Rs 21,64,900. At Rs 20,55,900, and Rs 21,85,900, XZ+ DT MT, and XZA+ DT AMT are pricier by 14k. The steepest price hike of Rs 18.4k is applicable on XZ+ Dark MT, which now costs Rs 20,64,900.

Harrier Royale Blue and Tropical Mist colours

Nexon and Altroz DCT recently got new colour options, namely Royale Blue, and Opera Blue. Now Harrier is available in two new colours, Royale Blue, and Tropical Mist. The recent price increase came into effect on April 23, 2022, and is in the region of 1.1 percent (weighted average). Last month, Harrier and Safari cumulative sales crossed the 4.7k mark.

Tata Harrier New Colour - Tropical Mist
Tata Harrier New Colour – Tropical Mist

In recent months, Tata Motors sales have improved. This has been boosted by its range of UVs across segments. This isn’t the first price revision for the year, and as the months progress we can expect further revisions. To put regular price hikes in perspective, at the turn of 2022, Tata harrier XE MT cost Rs 14,39,900. Today the entry variant costs Rs 14,64,900. At the time, XZA+ Dark AMT was listed at a price of Rs 21,09,400. Today, the same variant costs Rs 21,94,900. 

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