Saturday, May 21, 2022

Smart Home Meets Smart Mobility.

Munich. BMW drivers are able to control their Bosch
Smart Home easily, safely and conveniently via the integration of
Apple CarPlay and the Siri voice assistant while driving. With the new
BMW operating system 8 in the i4, drivers can simply say “Hey
Siri” to activate the digital voice assistant. For the first time
it is no longer necessary to press the microphone button on the
steering wheel. A joint campaign by Bosch and BMW shows the clever
connection between Smart Home and the Digital Car, which links
intelligent home and digital mobility. Access to Bosch Smart Home
devices is also possible using the voice assistant called Google
Assistant in Android Auto and the Amazon Alexa Car Integration.

With Apple’s HomeKit and Apple CarPlay, lights or temperatures can be
adjusted seamlessly and intelligently, and the status of doors and
windows can be checked. “We are pleased to be able to show solutions
in our joint campaign with Bosch that make life easier. In addition to
the driving experience, the focus of our customers is increasingly on
the BMW digital ecosystem. Our aim is to provide convenient and
reliable access to your Smart Home devices and functions while in the
vehicle”, says Stephan Durach, SVP Connected Company Development,
Technical Operations.

The campaign focuses on comfort and safety for BMW drivers
with Smart Home control.

The benefits of the integration of Apple CarPlay in the BMW vehicle
and the corresponding access to Bosch Smart Home products are made
clear in the “Living the smart life” campaign. In four
different short films, three friends get into their BMW i4 and drive
off. After a short while, the flatmates ask themselves in different
scenarios whether their blinds at home are closed, the lights are
switched off or the alarm system is active. Instead of going back to
look, they ask Siri via Apple CarPlay.           

Siri does not only respond to commands, but also to questions. For
example, flatmate Audrey asks the following question in the clips:
“Hey Siri, are all the windows at home closed?” The films
illustrate how easily and conveniently Bosch Smart Home devices can be
controlled via the integration of Apple CarPlay in the BMW vehicle and
how everyday routines can be performed easily while driving – almost
as if you were at home.

“The smart solutions from Bosch Smart Home are designed to make
everyday life easier for our customers at all levels,” says
Christian Thess, Managing Director of Bosch Smart Home. “We are
pleased to have the option of Apple CarPlay control via Siri. BMW
drivers can thus conveniently access their homes using familiar voice
commands and easily ensure a higher level of security and
sustainability in their own homes while on the move.”

The control fits seamlessly into their mobility and brings further
benefits. Users with Smart Homes thus act more sustainably, as they
can disconnect unused devices from the power supply while they are
absent. They also have access to security-relevant features at all
times and can thus protect their home ideally.

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