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Royal Enfield 650cc RoyalSERIES Modify Kits – Scrambler, Cafe Racer

These styling kits by Crooked Motorcycles for Royal Enfield 650 INT comes in two different flavours – Street and Scrambler

Royal Enfield 650cc Modify Kits
Royal Enfield 650cc Modify Kits – Scrambler. Image – BikeExif

Even though the company has ‘Crooked’ in its name, the products are far from it. Take this German company’s new styling kits for the Royal Enfield 650 INT for example, and you’ll appreciate how soothing they are to look at. Not crooked at all.

Crooked Motorcycles is a custom motorcycle company based out of Germany. Run by Jakob Muller and Dominikus Braun, Crooked Motorcycles creates custom plug-and-play body parts for motorcycles. After the very difficult and isolated lifestyle the world faced during Covid-19 pandemic, Crooked Motorcycles has created ‘RoyalSERIES’ of body kits.

Crooked Motorcycles Gravel vs Street

This custom kit comes in two different flavours using Royal Enfield’s Interceptor 650 as the donor bike. One is called ‘Gravel’ and is designed to mimic a scrambler-style motorcycle. The other one is called ‘Street’ and is designed to look like a custom cafe racer.

The reason why this custom motorcycle company created two different versions of the same motorcycle is that they wanted to offer outright fun to their customers looking at two different types of terrain. Street variant is designed to be very sporty both visually and in function. It also promises this sportiness both in city and on long highway stretches.

Royal Enfield 650 Cafe Racer Kit - Street
Royal Enfield 650 Cafe Racer Kit – Street

Royal Enfield 650 Cafe Racer Kit – Street variant gets a 3D printed cowl made of reinforced fiber plastics. It also gets a snazzy-looking seat which is draped with a beautiful Alcantara finish. The slim LED indicators also double up as tail-lights. To retain the shape, proportions and lines of a cafe racer, Crooked has given it a new headlight sourced from Gazzini along with a custom aluminium nacelle. It also gets Continental TKC80 tyres.

Royal Enfield 650 Scrambler Kit - Gravel
Royal Enfield 650 Scrambler Kit – Gravel

Royal Enfield 650 Scrambler Kit – Gravel variant gets more goodies though. For starters, Gravel’s rear loop includes attachment points for a pair of multi-purpose bags capable of holding a 750 ml water bottle, a Snickers bar and a rain jacket. Gravel also gets a custom number plate holder with integrated LED indicators sourced from Motogadget.

To round off the scrambler look, it gets an LED Bates-style headlight up front, custom fork covers and gators, Renthal handlebars and Biltwell grips. It comes with Pirelli Scorpion Trail tyres. The company is confident that Gravel is capable to kick off lot of gravel along its trail.

Royal Enfield 650 - Modifying Kits Launched
Royal Enfield 650 – Modifying Kits Launched

Price & Launch

Despite the differences in styling, both motorcycles get YSS rear shocks with an extra lift on the Gravel. Both get a custom exhaust system integrating Hattech mufflers. They also get marble inserts on the fuel tank accompanied by custom pinstriping and liveries along with a hand-painted Crooked logo.

Despite being custom bikes, Crooked hasn’t altered the sub-frame of stock Interceptor 650. Crooked Motorcycles also went great length in custom designing electrical interfaces for custom speedo from Motogadget. The company particularly chose a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 because they have been immensely impressed with it after personally owning and riding it for over 18 months. They also believe that despite being sub 50 bhp, it has great potential to be a fun motorcycle.

Royal Enfield 650 - Modifying Kits Launched
Royal Enfield 650 – Modifying Kits Launched

As they’re manufactured in India and exported, Royal Enfield’s 650 twins cost a lot in European and North American markets. On top of it, custom bikes cost a lot. RoyalSERIES Street costs EUR 17,500 (approx Rs. 14.32 lakh) and Gravel costs EUR 16,500 (approx Rs. 13.5 lakh). The prices include the cost of a motorcycle and custom parts over it. Customers can also choose individual pieces too. Of all custom builds based on Royal Enfield’s 650 platform, these are among the most expensive.


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