Thursday, May 26, 2022

Ola S1 Owner Severely Injured; Scooter Goes Into Reverse Mode At Full Speed

Ola has been in the news a lot recently and for all the wrong reasons. After a series of resignations by the top staff at Ola Electric, a new incident has come to light involving the Ola S1 Pro. A 65-year-old man got injured while getting his scooter inside the house and the Ola scooter glitched and went reverse at full throttle. There have been many mishaps regarding EVs throughout the country, catching fire and software glitches, which have made people worry about the EVs.

On Wednesday, a LinkedIn post made by Pallav Maheshwari talked about the incident, and the 65-year-old man who got injured was his father. He further explained that his father was trying to park his Ola inside the house when it went haywire and sped up in reverse, causing impact and trauma to the victim. The post on LinkedIn was removed and in a new post on Facebook, Pallav talks about how they removed it without warning and updated everyone with the injury report of his father, who has got 10 stitches on his head and 2 plates in his left arm.

Ola S1 Owner Severely Injured; Scooter Goes Into Reverse Mode At Full Speed
Ola S1 Owner Severely Injured; Scooter Goes Into Reverse Mode At Full Speed

This is not the first time someone allegedly accused Ola scooters of glitching. Malay Mohapatra tweeted sometime back about how his scooter showed 102 km/h while in reverse mode and caused a minor accident because of it. The scooter fell, and the motor was running freely, thus limiting the injuries to a minimum.

Another customer from Guwahati also blamed the Ola scooter for the faulty regeneration system, which caused a severe accident while his son was riding. But Ola didn’t accept the blame and accused the rider of over-speeding and panic braking, as per the telemetry data online, which further fueled a debate about whether the company should collect personal data like that and made it an issue of data privacy and further accused the automaker of data tampering.

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Ola executive from the public relations team contacted Pallav Maheshwari but he felt no assurance or responsibility in their words, although they asked about his father’s condition and asked him to keep them updated, they seemed to avoid the blame again as before.


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