Friday, May 20, 2022

Ola Electric Recalls 1,441 S1 Pro Scooters After Lethal Fire Incidents

Not only Ola, but almost all electric scooters are under question these days, thanks to increasing fire incidents. Instead of becoming safe as well as effective vehicles, they are emerging as life-threatening threats to the users. If this practice does not come to an end, the future of the EV segment in India will definitely be in the dark. 

Hence, taking into consideration all the issues raised related to Ola’s S1 Pro electric scooters, the brand has decided to recall its 1,441 units. As stated by the brand, they will examine the health of the scooters and there will be a detailed diagnostic. Apart from that, all the key features of the scooters, like the battery system, thermal protection, and safety, will be checked.

Ola Electric asserted that its battery systems already conform to and are tested for AIS 156, the most recent proposed standard for India, as well as the European standard ECE 136. Taking note of the repeated incidents of electric two-wheelers catching fire, Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari stated that the government will issue “quality-centric” guidelines for manufacturers of electric vehicles (EVs), while also warning them of severe penalties in the event of negligence.

OLA Electric Scooter Problems - Here Is The Complete List
OLA Electric Scooter Problems – Here Is The Complete List

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