Thursday, July 7, 2022

New Lambretta Scooters Debut In The 300cc Segment

Lambretta’s G350 and X300 scooters are designed in Milano and ooze Italian flair from every inch of their body

New Lambretta Scooter - X300
New Lambretta Scooter – X300

Lambretta recently announced two new scooters, which have been redefining classic scooter design language. Of the two, G350 stays true to the classic lines and X300 follows a slightly edgy and futuristic approach. But both scooters get iconic Lambretta design elements like the front horn cast finished in chrome. Both designs look stunning, making Mr. Ferdinando Innocenti, founder of Lambretta’s parent company Innocenti, proud in his afterlife.  

Even though they’re pitted as classic scooters, they get modern features like disc brakes, ABS, sophisticated suspension arm linkages and LED lighting all around with headlights shaped in typical Lambretta’s DNA. A weird quirk about these scooters is that the G350 with its more retro appeal gets a modern TFT display with multiple functions whereas the futuristic and edgy X300 gets a semi-digital display. Hey, whatever tickles their fancy.

New Lambretta G350 Scooter

G350 is a classic retro-styled scooter powered by a 330.1 cc single-cylinder, 4-valve petrol engine making 27 bhp @7500 RPM and 27 Nm @6250 RPM. It gets a large 9.5 litre fuel tank and weighs a healthy 173 kg. G350 rides on 12” wheels wrapped with 120/70 Pirelli rubber at front and 130/70 Pirelli rubber at the back.

The scooter also gets other modern features like a USB phone charger adhering to modern lifestyle. It also gets beautiful and classic Lambretta branding showing its rich heritage.

New Lambretta Scooter - G350
New Lambretta Scooter – G350

Designed in Milano, Lambretta G350 comes in 3 beautiful shades. The White shade gets an Orange contrasting seat, Red shade gets a Dark Red seat and Black shade gets an orange seat too. The Black one looks the classiest as the intricately designed and tasteful chrome elements are contrasted more than in other colours.

New Lambretta X300 Scooter

X300 is a more futuristic approach to scooter design taken by Lambretta. It is powered by a 275 cc single-cylinder, 4-valve petrol engine making 24.8 bhp @8250 RPM and 24.5 Nm @6250 RPM. It gets a relatively small 7 litre fuel tank and weighs 165 kg. Just like the G350, X300 also rides on 12” wheels wrapped with 120/70 Pirelli rubber at front and 130/70 Pirelli rubber at the back.

Lambretta has had a free hand in designing the X300. It is reminiscent of the scooter’s overall design. For starters, it gets a massive square LED tail-light with LED indicators. It is one of the biggest tail-lights we have seen in a while. Rest of the design takes an edgy theme over the more retro-looking G350. It gets very minimal chrome treatment too.

New Lambretta Scooter - X300
New Lambretta Scooter – X300

X300 comes in 4 futuristic shades and all of them get a Dark Green seat. But Lambretta has played with wheel rim colours with X300. Silver shade and White shade gets silver wheels, whereas Green shade and Black shade get Black wheels.

India Launch

Even though Lambretta used to have ties in India, the company is not likely to launch these scooters in the country. Due to the higher engine capacity and performance, it is expected that the price will also be exorbitant. The Italian automaker would have a hard time justifying the price too.

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