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Need suggestions: Buying my first 1000cc naked motorcycle

With a budget of around 14-15 lakhs, I’ve tested the Kawasaki Z900 and Ducati Monster so far. The Z900 feels great, but dated.

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Posting on behalf of a friend:

I’m looking to buy my first big bike and would like to know what you guys would suggest in Mumbai.

I currently own a Benelli Leoncino 500 and Yamaha R15M. Would like to add a liter class naked to my collection.

With a budget of around 14-15 lakhs, I’ve tested the Kawasaki Z900 and Ducati Monster so far. The Z900 feels great, but dated. The Monster on the other hand felt underwhelming. Can you guys suggest a few more in the same class and type that I could test?

I’m 5’5″ tall and I’ll be using the bike quite regularly to travel to work (200-250 kms every week), so ride comfort is important.

No cruisers or bobbers, since I don’t prefer them. Also nothing with a very aggressive riding position.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Here’s what Follower anandpadhye had to say on the matter:

I would recommend Ninja 1000SX.

Riding posture is not very aggressive and I have done some rides of 300-500km without any fatigue, wind protection is good and quick shifter is addictive. I am short (5’4″) and I can manage the bike, got the OEM Kawasaki low seat and then on it’s become even easier. The Kawasaki inline 4 is a silky smooth unit with no vibrations anywhere in the rev range.

Good luck with your search.

Here’s what Follower GoBlue had to say on the matter:

There isn’t any litre class naked bike available in a budget of 14-15L, unfortunately. Z900/Monster are not litre class either.

The Triumph Speed Twin is indeed litre class as suggested by another gentleman, however I would not recommend it as a daily rider for Mumbai weather/traffic. Triumph retro roadsters emit crazy levels of heat, can make life uncomfortable. If it was intended to be used as a weekend machine, then it could’ve been suitable.

Extend your budget to either the BMW S1000R or the Triumph Speed Triple RS if you really want a litre class naked.

Else I would agree with Follower anandpadhye, the N1K seems like the best option for your budget. It has litre class power. No other bike that’s priced below 14L makes 140 HP/111 Nm.

Here’s what Follower Axe77 had to say on the matter:

When someone says litre class, I don’t really think classics like Speed Twin. Only inline 4 or even triples come to mind. Like GoBlue mentioned, 15L may not get you (quote / unquote) litre class bikes but the top options that come to my mind are listed below:

Ninja 1000 SX: This is hands down the best option money can buy you today for the requirements you spelt out. Its legit inline 4, 140 bhp, 1000 cc sports tourer that can be as easy to handle in the city as it is munching miles on the highway.

From here on, interpreting your requirements a bit more liberally, the options that come to my mind are the Street Triple RS, the Z900 and the BMW F900XR, all of them being high performance nakeds that move the needle very significantly forward from your current garage.

Further adding to the mix, I’d throw in the CB1000 also – if its still selling, although I suspect you may need to push the budget just a little higher or alternately look for recent sparingly used examples.

Here’s what Follower neil.jericho had to say on the matter:

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