Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Mission started: The management team of the new battery company is in place!

Recruiting campaign launched for “Battery Valley”:
Volkswagen to hire many battery experts

The battery team in Salzgitter is scheduled to grow from 750 to 1,200 employees in a short time. More than 200 of the approximately 500 vacancies are to be filled by external candidates. To recruit other experts, Volkswagen Talent Marketing is launching a “digital only” personnel marketing and recruiting campaign. To attract applicants, the campaign will place a link to the landing page on Volkswagen Career’s profiles in the social media Xing, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram.

The campaign will be aimed at international battery experts, individuals who are highly sought after not just by the automotive industry and energy companies. The company is focusing not just on chemists with relevant experience in the field of Li-Ion batteries who can immediately enter the field of cell and cell component development. It is also looking for electrical engineers, process planners for battery cell production, quality employees with experience in the chemical industry or production process-related companies as well as experts working in the field of international partnerships and investments.

More information about the battery company:

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