Friday, May 20, 2022

Is Bajaj Planning To Discontinue Pulsar NS200 & RS200 in India?

Bajaj introduced its Pulsar series bikes in 2001, and they have remained the most popular bikes in the company’s lineup ever since. After the start of the series, there were plenty of variants introduced with different engine capacities.

All are going well except for the new-generation Pulsars, which were released in 2012 and were based on the KTM-shared platform, namely the NS200 and RS200. The obvious assumption was that this next-generation platform would eventually replace the earlier Pulsars. However, this did not occur, and the older Pulsars — the 150, 220, and so on — continued to account for the majority of Bajaj’s sales.

Recently, the brand introduced a new platform with two models: the Pulsar N250 and the Pulsar F250. If all goes according to the plan, many more, smaller Pulsars will be created on this platform, ultimately replacing the older-generation Pulsars.

And now the question is: what about the NS and RS models, which are built on the same KTM platform and are technically more sophisticated than the new-generation Pulsars? Bajaj has given several indications that the brand will no longer work on them and that they will either die naturally or be removed from the market when it considers them required.

Bajaj aims to flood the market with a simpler Pulsar range that may include 125, 150, 200, and the existing 250s based on the next-generation platform. There might be additional versions in between these, and it could take many years for this to become a reality. But one thing is certain: the NS and RS Pulsars have no future and will never receive significant upgrades.

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