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  • Rolls-Royce Motor Cars showcases highly Bespoke craft at this
    year’s London Craft Week
  • Inspiration for London Craft Week taken from the Phantom Rose, a
    unique flower grown only at the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood
  • Remarkable pieces of craftsmanship on display at Rolls-Royce Motor
    Cars, London, for the duration of the event (9-15 May)
  • Press and members of the public offered insight into the world of
    Rolls-Royce craftsmanship via LinkedIn stream on Friday 13 May

Bespoke Craftsmanship is at the centre of Rolls-Royce Motor
Cars. We are really proud to be displaying these highly Bespoke
examples of pinnacle craftsmanship in our flagship residence in the
heart of Mayfair. Inspired by the Phantom Rose, a unique rose found
only at the Home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, these remarkable items
are testament to Rolls-Royce’s peerless craftsmanship.”

Claus Andersen, Brand Director, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London

Bespoke craftsmanship lies at the very heart of
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, with creativity nurtured and expressed at
every turn.

During this year’s London Craft Week, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars
London, will debut a remarkable collection of Bespoke items which
illustrate the marque’s dedication to craftsmanship. Showcased at
Rolls-Royce’s global flagship premises in Berkeley Street, Mayfair,
these highly Bespoke items will be on display for the duration of this
year’s London Craft Week.

To celebrate the eighth year of London Craft Week, Rolls-Royce’s
master craftspeople have taken inspiration from a unique flower, the
Phantom Rose. Rolls-Royce’s headquarters on the Goodwood Estate is the
only place in the world where this beautiful rose can be found. These
exquisite flowers are symbols of beauty and elegance, usually coming
into bloom in May, coinciding with this year’s event.

The Phantom Rose, a blousy, creamy-white flower offering a full
bloom of 50 petals and a rich perfume, was designed by British Rose
breeder Philip Harkness, of the award-winning Harkness Roses. This
unique flower took eight years to develop and grows in a specially
designed bed, fringed with lavender. Our team of designers and
artisans have been inspired by its rare beauty for this year’s event.

During London Craft Week, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars London, will
showcase five remarkable works of craftsmanship which have been
created especially for the occasion.


Rolls-Royce’s highly skilled team of artisans working in the
Exterior Surface Finish Centre have taken the forms of the flower and
its leaves as their inspiration for a new Rose Coachline Motif. The
leaves on this motif are painted in Blue Grey and the flower is Arctic
White. The background colour is Sagano Green, named after the famous
bamboo forest near Kyoto in Japan.


Unique to Phantom, the Gallery along the fascia enables clients
to commission and exhibit works of art in their motor car. For this
year’s event, Rolls-Royce has created a Rose Gallery for Phantom,
meticulously crafted by the interior woodwork specialists at the Home
of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood. The rose motif is formed using beautifully
tessellated marquetry elements.


Taking inspiration from the Phantom Rose, Rolls-Royce master
embroiderers have created a beautiful and intricate Rose headliner.


For this year’s London Craft Week, the highly skilled artisans
at Rolls-Royce have also embroidered a rose inspired artwork onto the
leather of a Phantom door. Along with the headliner, the embroidered
rose features on the door are crafted using a combination of satin and
tatami stitching on the leaves which adds depth to the design. The
petals are made from split-satin stitching to produce softer textures
which capture the light at different angles, which give each petal its
own unique tone of Arctic White thread.


The Phantom Rose embellishes an interior high-gloss lacquered
surface – a Rolls-Royce picnic table.

These unique pieces will be displayed in the window of
Rolls-Royce’s flagship showroom, Berkeley Street, Mayfair, from 9-15
May. In addition, the Rolls-Royce residence will be decorated in a
befitting floral fashion, using roses akin to the rare Phantom Rose.

Tune in to the Rolls-Royce LinkedIn stream at 13:00 BST on
Friday 13 May for a rare insight into the craftsmanship of the leading
luxury marque.

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