Friday, May 20, 2022

Honda Activa Owner Spends Rs 15.44 Lakh For VIP ‘0001’ Number Plate

If you thought fancy numbers were just for extravagant vehicles, then this Chandigarh citizen might change your mind. A 42-year-old man by the name of Brij Mohan, an advertising professional living in Sector 23, induced a phenomenon when he walked away with a fancy number CH-01-CJ-0001.

Brij Mohan plans to use this number for his Honda Activa two-wheeler. He settled for Rs 15.44 lakh for the number, whereas the Activa just might have cost him a measly Rs 71,000.

Upon contacting Brij Mohan, he stated, “I will use the number for my Activa, which I bought recently. But eventually, I will use it for a car.” An official of the Chandigarh registering and the licencing authority said that the auction of the fancy numbers, new series CH-01-CJ, along with leftover numbers, was organised from April 14 to April 16. During the auction, 378 registrations were completed and 1.5 crores were produced.

CH-01-CJ-0001 earned a significant amount of Rs 15.44 lakh, against a capital price of Rs 50,000. The second most costly auction was CH-01-CJ-002, which was sold for Rs 5.4 lakh. CH-01-CJ-007 went for Rs 4.4 lakh, while CH-01-CJ-003 went for Rs 4.2 lakh. The reserve price for these numbers was 30,000.

The largest bid so far for 0001 came in 2012 when an inhabitant of Sector 44 bought the number from the CH-01-AP series for 26.05 lakh. It was meant for his S-class Mercedes Benz which cost four times the price of the fancy number.

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