Thursday, July 7, 2022

Ford website shares 5,000 car photos, brochures from its history

One of the cool things about my college (McPherson College), which featured an automotive restoration program, was the fact that it had a section in the library chock full of vintage car magazines and brochures. It was a blast leafing through all the old photos and advertising materials. But obviously, that’s not something that was easily accessible for most people. That’s why Ford’s newest website is so cool. It’s the Ford Heritage Vault (, and it’s a massive stash of vintage Ford photos and advertising materials.

The vault covers Ford from 1903 to 2003, and it includes 5,000 pieces of media. They cover everything from individual cars to factory accessories. All the pieces have been scanned in at high resolution, and it even has accessibility data so that screen readers can share information in brochures. It’s all searchable, and even better, it’s all free.

The vault isn’t completely finished, either. Ford said that it will continue to add materials to show even more. And we would imagine that part of the expansion will include years past 2003. We’re certainly excited to dig through, though at the moment the site seems to be down. We’re sure it’ll be fixed soon, and it should be great.

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