Friday, May 20, 2022

Designed-In-India Trouve H2 Scooter Official Teased – Coming Soon!

Trouve Motor has officially teased their upcoming electric maxi-scooter, which will be launched in the Indian market as H2. By next year, the startup company claims to have three more electric vehicles developed. From the teaser image, the appearance of the H2 seems to be inspired by the Husqvarna Vektorr and BMW CE04. The Delhi based Trouve Motor claims its range up to 230 km and it will reach 60 KMPH of acceleration in 4.3 seconds.

Trouve has given some details on the specifications, and from the teaser, it seems very promising. They are adding a liquid-cooled motor which is supposed to generate a continuous output of 4.8 kW and a peak power output of 7.9 kW. We are promised the Trouve electric maxi to reach 60 KMPH in 4.3 seconds and a range of 130-230 km.

Designed-In-India Trouve H2 Scooter Official Teased – Coming Soon!

Trouve H2 would be coming with front USD forks, a rear mono-shock suspension setup, and 14-inch wheels. The braking hardware is unknown at the moment except it gets a two-piston calliper. It might get disk brakes at both ends to keep all that claimed performance in check.

The only known features are the 4G connectivity and in-built Google functionality, whether it will come with the navigation and advanced connectivity features is to be seen. The pre-bookings will start in August this year but the deliveries could be achieved by 2023. The estimated price based on the specifications available could be around ₹1.50 lakh.

With all the interesting news and exciting buzz around the Trouve H2, one can only hope that the Trouve Motor can actually meet its claims. The EV market is run by so many options, a premium option like H2 might be a good thing for all the Indian enthusiasts.

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