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BMW IconicSounds Electric in the new BMW i7: unique sound worlds for a new, holistic driving experience.

Premiere of exclusive soundscapes combined with the BMW Theatre
Screen. +++ All-electric luxury saloon features a factory-fitted full
sound spectrum developed in collaboration between the BMW Group and
two-time Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer. +++ My Modes
Expressive and Relax with distinctive sound worlds enable a
particularly intense interaction between driver and vehicle. +++
Exceptional acoustic characteristics provide the basis for an
emotionally powerful sound experience.


Munich. The new, all-electric BMW i7 (energy
consumption combined according to WLTP: 19.6–18.4 kWh/100 km; energy
consumption combined according to NEDC: –; CO2 emissions:
0 g/km) heralds a new era for the brand’s quintessential driving
pleasure and exclusive travel comfort. It embodies the innovative form
of individual mobility in the luxury segment and also expresses this
through the creation of holistic sound worlds. These range from the
welcome scenario to the ready-to-drive signal and the drive sounds for
each selected My Mode through to the acoustic soundscapes combined
with the BMW Theatre Screen, available here for the first time. With
the factory-fitted BMW IconicSounds Electric, the brand’s locally
emission-free premium model offers entirely new soundscapes that are
generated by the interaction between driver and vehicle and are a core
component in the design of a unique driving experience.

Including the exclusive soundscapes for the optional Theatre Mode,
the complete sound spectrum of BMW IconicSounds Electric can be
experienced for the first time in the new BMW i7. The sounds, which
are unique in the automotive sector, have been developed in a
collaboration between the BMW Group and two-time Academy Award winning
composer Hans Zimmer. They reinforce the authentic agreement of the
vehicle’s character with BMW design and the resulting driving
experience in the world’s first all-electric luxury saloon.

The sound experience in the BMW i7 can be individually selected via
My Modes. In addition to Personal, Sport and Efficient settings, the
modes Expressive and Relax are also available as standard. In the BMW
i7, each of these modes is also associated with an independent sound
world. The intensity and frequency of the drive sound are based on the
position of the accelerator and the driving situation, creating an
individually customised sound profile for each My Mode. The close
interaction between driver and vehicle thus creates a distinctive
acoustic backdrop. Selecting either the Expressive or the Relax mode
results in a particularly intense interaction. They enable the driver
of the BMW i7 to create an individual, holistic user experience of
sound, lighting mood and graphics on the BMW Curved Display, shaped by
the driver’s mood and driving style.

The new BMW i7 has a model-specific sound application that
authentically emphasises the future-oriented character and exclusive
driving experience in the all-electric luxury saloon. “We want to
offer customers a unique driving and travel experience in the BMW i7.
In the area of user experience, we are breaking new ground to achieve
this, which also includes the drive sound,” explains Domagoj
Dukec, Head of BMW Design. “Sound in particular plays a central
role in the emotional connection between the driver and his vehicle.
Innovations such as BMW IconicSounds Electric make the BMW i7 a
pioneer for a new, holistic driving experience.”

With My Modes, the driver can create an all-round user experience
that includes a wide range of vehicle settings. In the BMW i7, this
includes the drive sound. The spherical sounds of the Personal setting
emphasise the progressive character of the model, while the soundscape
in the Sport setting has a powerful and pronounced acoustic presence.
A very lively and dynamic sound characterises the acoustic experience
in Expressive mode, while an immensely relaxing sound backdrop is
created in Relax mode. The characteristic sound sequences when
starting and switching off the drive system are part of BMW
IconicSounds Electric, as are the sounds that accompany the activation
of the optional Theatre Screen for passengers in the back.

The acoustic feedback from the movements of the accelerator is only
completely suppressed in Efficient mode. Due to the outstanding
acoustic vehicle characteristics of the new BMW i7, the resulting
silence in this mode is as clear and pure as the intensive sound
experience in the other modes. The all-electric luxury saloon has
optimised soundproofing that effectively insulates the interior from
external noises. The excellent acoustic comfort of the new BMW i7 can
be attributed to the acoustic optimisation of the electric drive
units, a model-specific storage concept and newly developed noise
encapsulation for electric motors, as well as the chassis’ increased
rigidity at the front and tyres with foam absorbers. In addition,
aerodynamic noises are significantly reduced thanks to clearly
designed chassis surfaces, flush-mounted door handles and
aerodynamically optimised exterior mirrors as well as an almost fully
sealed underbody. This allows all aspects of the characteristic and
emotionally powerful sound worlds of BMW IconicSounds Electric to be
fully experienced without any interference.

BMW i7 (energy consumption combined according to WLTP: 19.6–18.4
kWh/100 km; energy consumption combined according to NEDC: –;
CO2 emissions: 0 g/km)

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