Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Bentley to debut Flying Spur S at Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Bentley Flying Spur isn’t short on power or performance, but it’s not the most focused driver’s car at its price point. Bentley hopes to change that with a new S variant of the car, which will follow the lead set by the Continental GT S as a sharper, more exciting version of the posh four-door.

Bentley offers two powertrains in the Flying Spur S, including a surprisingly capable hybrid. The V8-powered car gets a 4.0-liter mill that makes around 542 horsepower and 568 pound-feet of torque. With the engine on board, the 5,000-plus-pound Flying Spur S takes just 4 seconds to run from 0-62 mph, and the car can go on to a top speed of 198 mph. The hybrid powertrain features a 2.9-liter V6 engine paired with an electric motor that makes a combined 536 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque. The system can deliver an all-electric range of 26 miles, and the car still sees scorching acceleration just a tenth of a second behind its V8-powered counterpart.

Keeping the Flying Spur’s weight in check is Bentley’s Dynamic Ride suspension system, which can apply up to 1300 Newton-meters of anti-roll torque to aid in cornering. All-wheel steering is also standard and can turn the rear wheels opposite the fronts by up to 4.2 degrees, giving the almost 17.5-foot long Flying Spur a much tighter turning radius than it would have otherwise.

Looking at the Flying Spur, it’s hard to see anything other than a stately Bentley, but the automaker gave the S a few styling touches to designate it as “the fast one.” Gloss black replaces polished metal and provides accents for the exhaust, grille, and wheels. The car comes with 21- or 22-inch wheels, red brakes, and exclusive “S” badges. 

The Flying Spur S’ cabin is every bit as plush as we’d expect at a Bentley price point. A two-tone color scheme comes standard, with leather and synthetic suede upholstery called Dinamica. The material also covers the steering wheel and gear shift lever. Bentley embroiders the seats with an S logo and offers its logo as a no-cost embroidery option.

Bentley will debut the Flying Spur S at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which takes place later this month in England. The festival features a popular hill climb event that has featured everything from Volkswagen’s electric ID.R race car to boutique supercars from little-known constructors. Bentley intends to field several vehicles in the event, including the new Flying Spur S and versions of the Continental GT S and GTC S cars.

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