Thursday, July 7, 2022

Bentley announces new S package for Continental GT, GT C

As Bentley’s Continental lineup soldiers on dutifully toward a world without big internal combustion engines, Bentley is doing its best to soften the blow for fans of barrel-chested power. While the W12 may be on its way out the door, Bentley’s V8 Continental GT and GT C are getting a little extra spark in the form of a new driving-oriented S package that borrows some interior and exterior queues from the Speed series. 

“Owners of Bentley’s two-door models have long appreciated the breadth of choice available to them, from the towering performance of the 6.0-litre W12 Continental GT Speed to the characterful beat of the 4.0-litre Continental GT V8,” Bentley said in its announcement. “Now, with the arrival of the Continental GT and GTC S, owners can choose to emphasize the sporting character of the 4.0-liter V8-powered Bentley Continental GT, thanks to a package of performance-focused design and engineering features.”

Bentley says the S package is for those who are focused on driving pleasure. Standard equipment includes a sport exhaust (the better to announce the presence of that 542-horsepower V8) and Bentley Dynamic Ride, along with a set of 22-inch wheels that are unique to the S model. Inside, the upgraded sport seats bear “S” embroidery, and the dark theme employed on the exterior accents continues on the dash and upholstery. The instrument cluster graphics are unique, as well. 

“The new S range adjusts the Bentley grand touring recipe to center on the pleasure of driving – an opposing yet complementary emphasis to the ‘Wellbeing behind the Wheel’ concept of the recent, comfort-centric Azure range launch,” Bentley said. 

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