Saturday, May 21, 2022

A Tesla crashed into a private jet worth up to $3.5 million

Electric car manufacturer, Tesla Inc. launched a fabulous feature named “summon” that allows the owners of the vehicles to bring their cars to them at the command of their smartphones. But, in a recent incident, a Tesla owner used this feature at a very wrong time and place.

Recently, a clip from an aviation trade event surfaced on the internet which showed a Tesla on autopilot crashing with a private jet worth millions of dollars.

The footage was recorded from a security camera by a smartphone in which a Tesla Model Y, driving on the famed summon feature can be seen driving via a mini airfield before crashing with the tail portion of a small private jet. Following the initial crash, the Tesla model kept didn’t stop and turned the plane around 90 degrees before coming to a complete halt.

There is no reason why the car didn’t come to halt before the Tesla reached the plane, especially since we don’t know when the Tesla was built. They used cameras and radar in their vehicles for semi-autonomous driving features. However, with the advent of Tesla Vision, the company decided to switch to a camera-only approach.

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