Friday, May 20, 2022

6 Airbags Mandatory In New Cars From 1st October 2022

The Road Transport Ministry of India is standing firm on their decision to require 6 airbags for all passenger cars. Car manufacturers have resisted by saying it would hike the prices of vehicles, which would fend away some potential customers, especially for lower budget cars. But the ministry quoted, “Safety is non-negotiable. The ministry is finalising the rules, which will take some time to be notified.”

India issued the first draft guidelines requiring all new cars to be fitted with six airbags by October 1, including four passenger airbags and two side-curtain airbags. The rules were to be finalised in February, but they are still analysing feedback from the manufacturers.

Maruti Suzuki, the country’s top-selling carmaker, has publicly pushed back regarding the guidelines, saying they would hurt sales and that side airbags are not mandated anywhere in the world. Sales of compact cars have already been declining during the pandemic, and such price hikes will only ensure that they will go down further.

Adding all the mandatory airbags will increase the prices by $231, which is around Rs 17,624 according to the auto market data provider JATO Dynamics. The cost might further increase in some cases as the companies might need to make some engineering changes to the car’s structure. 

The Nitin Gadkari-led department estimates the cost of all the changes to be around $75 (5,722 INR). The ministry said, “The cost implication is exaggerated. The ministry has consulted airbag makers on the cost and time needed to make the parts locally. Carmakers should provide airbags as a matter of safety. It should not have to be mandated by the government. We’re having to set up regulations because companies are not doing it on their own.”

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